Friday, July 17, 2009

I suck at the Updating

In my defense, my life is boring and, therefore, I have nothing to report.

I suppose I could tell you that the Man-Cub is making a full recovery following his appendectomy, which he is. In fact, he has already been on the phone with his grandfather, trying to arrange a golf date when we visit Mayberry next week.

The Teenager is being a teenager but; she is also excited about our trip to Mayberry and has already packed her suitcase even though we don’t leave until Monday.

In other trip news, we have finally made plans for our trip to Lake Powell next month and we are all looking forward to that. We haven’t used the boat nearly as much as we had hoped to this summer so, the trip will be nice.

On the topic of the boat, we are planning to take it to the lake tomorrow despite the fact that the Man-Cub cannot get in the water. I am supposed to learn how to drive the boat well enough to pull Hugh on the wakeboard; the faint sounds of yelling you hear reverberating throughout the country will be my husband, please prepare yourselves.

And, speaking of being prepared, Hugh just informed me that we are going to camp at the lake tonight so that we can get an early start, tomorrow. I think he smoked some dope while I was in the shower and is hallucinating because, yeah, that is sooo not happening.

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