Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Someday, We’ll Find It

Hugh and I are taking full advantage of our mini-vacation from the kids, the other night we actually went out to eat. In a restaurant. With cloth napkins.

On our way to the restaurant, we saw a person in a pig costume, shilling on the side of the road for a local rib joint and the sight prompted one of the best conversations that we have had in a while.

Chelle: What is that?

Hugh: It’s a pig. Well, technically, it’s a person in a pig costume.

Chelle: God, that must be awful; where do you think someone even finds a pig costume?

Hugh: On the internet, they just Google “sexy pig costume” and they’re good to go.

Chelle: There is nothing sexy about that pig.

Hugh: True. They should have Googled “Miss Piggy costume”, instead.

Chelle: Miss Piggy? You think Miss Piggy is sexy?

Hugh: Ooh, yeahhh…in fact, you should totally get a Miss Piggy costume, yourself; we’d have a good time with that.

Chelle: Well, fine. But, I'm only wearing it if you sing The Rainbow Connection in the voice of Kermit the Frog while I do.

Hugh: I don’t even know that song.

Chelle: Well, you’re the Google expert, have at it.

I’m pleased to report that Hugh now knows all the words to The Rainbow Connection. We’re still working on the Kermit voice, however and, I flat out refuse to wear Miss Piggy’s hooker heels.

I’m just saying.

In news not related to Muppets, last night, I won $18 for the most Buncos at Bunco. It is my first ever win and I’m quite proud of myself.

On the other hand, it just occurred to me that, when the children are grown and gone; I’m probably going to spend a lot of time talking about dice games and Muppet porn.

This does not bode well.


  1. Too cute!! I too have been thinking about what will fill the time that is now running kids all over the place and interrupted conversations!!! BUT Muppet Porn I had not considered!! LOL

  2. You have any idea how many hits on Muppet Porn you're going to get now? LOL!

  3. If this blog is going to involve further talk about muppet porn and gambling, I am completely on board with that.