Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We’re Thinking of Changing her Name to Hazel. Or, Maybe Alice.

Every once in a great while, The Teenager gets into what she calls a “cleaning mood” wherein she power-cleans her room, her bathroom, the closets or whatever else appears abhorrently filthy to her. Yesterday, she found the Man-Cub’s room particularly offensive and she organized an assault on it that would have left military commanders weeping with envy.

For his part, the Cub trailed behind, following whatever orders his sister barked at him and trying to remain brave in the face of the total annihilation of his carefully constructed pig stye.

I Was at the hardware store during the invasion but, The Teenager kept me in the loop with frequent and colorful texts; little ditties such as

Do you want to know how many movies I found in your son’s room? Do you?!?


Mom, we need clean dirt for Tank’s tank, k? Thnkx :)

And, my personal favorite

Well, at least now we know where all his dirty underwear has been going….I think I’m going to hurl.

I am proud to say, she is now fully qualified to parent small boys one day.

Or, for a career in hazardous waste removal; same thing, really.

She also bakes a mean cinnamon-sugar tortilla chip.

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  1. Those chips look soooo good! Can I hire her for a day?