Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

I am enjoying my time with my family and friends here in Mayberry. Yesterday, the kids and I joined "Aunt" Jules, her actual real-life, blood related niece and nephew, and her father on a trip to the local swimming hole. And, by local swimming hole, I mean that we drove twenty miles into the boondocks (think, The Hills Have Eyes) to swim at a natural hot springs. It was a blast and I really enjoyed catching up with Jules, who has recently moved from California to Texas and who now takes great delight in trying to convince me that everything is bigger in Texas.

Last night, my sister Barbie and my nephew arrived from the big city and, this morning, after my run (a mile! At a higher altitude! What was I thinking?!) , Barbie and I got in some quality sunbathing time. As of right now, I have a baffling sunburn pattern that encompasses a v-shape in my cleavage, a full-on neck burn and a Lilly-white swathe across my chest and throat; I'm thinking Sunscreen Application for Dummies might be a good book to invest in.

Tomorrow, the Stampede doings begin in earnest, with a parade, chuck wagon dinner, the Rodney Atkins concert and a dance. Hugh is scheduled to join us later this weekend so, if I were to somehow find myself interested in doing the country two-step, I will have to recruit a cowboy from the crowd. As it is, I have very little desire to shake my groove thing so; I can wait for Hugh's arrival.

Of course, that might all change with the addition of alcohol.

I'll keep you posted.

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