Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thursday Thirteen, Edition Eighteen:
Thirteen Things to Love About October

1.  The leaves have changed but have not yet fallen from the trees. The color in our neighborhood is amazing; now, if the damn wind will just quit blowing...

2.  Homecoming. Our High School is celebrating this week and it has been fun to see all of the kids dressed up for the various theme days (Pirate Day, 80's Day, Toga Day), showing their school spirit. Unfortunately, Hugh and I will miss the parade since we will be out of town.

3.  Taking the kids to the local corn maze. This year's maze is rumored to be harder than ever which means we may actually get our money's worth this time.

4.  The maze on Halloween night, haunted by the volunteer firemen, now that is how you enjoy a trip through a corn maze.

5.  Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. Sounds gross, tastes great.

6.  Fall produce, butternut squash, acorn squash, pumpkins, local honey; love them all.

7.  Speaking of butternut squash, October is a lovely month in which to cook a huge caldron of butternut squash soup.

8.  And, speaking of cauldrons, October is the month for witches and witches' brew, namely apple cider simmered all day in a crock-pot with cinnamon Red-Hots.

9.  Which is fabulous when consumed during our annual pumpkin-carving party. This year's party will carry a unique challenge-craft the scariest jack-o-lantern you can design for our first-ever Neighborhood Haunted House.

10.  And, pumpkins, did I mention pumpkins? Taking the kids to the pick-your-own patch is the highlight of my autumn.

11.  Back to the topic of the first ever Neighborhood Haunted House, this year; The Teenager has decided that she is too old for Trick-or-Treating and would prefer to do something different. She managed to convince her father to build a haunted house for her and her friends in our garage and, since we are going to be going to all the trouble to build the thing, we figured we might as well open it up to the other children in the neighborhood, friends of the Man-Cub, friends of friends, etc. Should be interesting.

12.  Lighting the gas fireplace as it is chilly enough in the evenings to warrant it.

13.  Decorating the house for Halloween and, later, for Thanksgiving. I love fall decorations, the color pallet of autumn and the warm memories they trigger from my childhood.

What about you? Any favorite things about October?

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  1. i cant believe its october already!!!

    my 13 is about movies

  2. I'm really getting into the feel of Autumn after visiting so many posts about it. The trees are just starting to turn color around here. Can't wait to see them. Happy T 13!

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Not too many of our leaves have changed yet, but it's below 60 outside right now, so I suspect we'll get some color soon.

  4. Great fall list! I'm going to have to make squash soup soon.

    Calico Contemplations

  5. Oh, I TOTALLY want to go thru that maze!