Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Yes, Well, He’s Still Color Blind

Guess what the Man-Cub and I didn’t do today? We didn’t drive forty miles to a vision therapy appointment, that’s what. We weren't ditching, either, instead; the Cub’s been cleared for take-off so to speak. The therapist believes that he is as improved as he is likely to get and, that if we continue to work at home, his eyes will only get stronger and stronger.

Granted, he has one final evaluation with the ophthalmologist but, if he tests at the appropriate levels on all her tests; he will no longer have to do the therapy.

I’m happy about this on a number of levels; one, his eye tracking, converging and diverging have all improved which should help with his reading. Two, no more sitting in road construction after pulling the child from school an hour early every week and, three, no more weekly payment (hallelujah! Now we can spend it on the Teenager's braces!).

Most importantly, I’m happy with the progress the Cub has made on standardized tests at school (and, yes, I still spit on the concept of standardized testing but that is a rant for another day); his recent test scores were anywhere from 4-11 points higher than his scores on the spring tests and, while 4-11 points might not seem like a lot, Jana assured me that the mere fact that his score increased at all is a huge accomplishment since most of the other student’s scores remain static or drop over the summer break.

Obviously, the vision therapy has to take the credit for the increase.

Also, the Cub is reading a lot more at home and I’ve seen the improvement so, Vision Therapy: Money Well Spent.

And, it’s not like I expected them to cure color-blindness anyway.

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