Friday, October 16, 2009

You Rub My Feet, Me Love You Long Time

I just got back from a fabulously relaxing hour and a half long massage. I am limp like a noodle and I like it.

After the massage, my therapist made me an offer I could not refuse; free massages in exchange for my taking photos of her kids for her to give away as Christmas gifts. She has three absolutely gorgeous children, wants a casual setting and more candid shots than posed photos so, in short; just my thing.

We agreed to do the shoot next Friday and now I have to cross my fingers for good weather since those three gorgeous kids playing in the fall leaves in our local park is just the scene I’m going for.

This of course means Mother Nature will be sending a blizzard our way riiiight around this time next week.

Mark my words.

On the other hand, three gorgeous kids playing in the snow would work out just as well. Ha! Take that, Mother Nature!

Um, you totally know I was kidding, right Mother Nature? Please don't smite me.

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