Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Thirteen, Edition Twenty-One:

Thirteen Things I Plan To Do this Weekend

1. Attend the Man-Cub’s last football game of the season.

2. Take the kids to our town’s annual Punkin Chuckin’ event just to see how far the volunteer firemen can launch a pumpkin with their new-and improved-hydraulic pumpkin launcher.

3. Follow the Punkin Chuckin’ with a trip through the corn maze, in the dark. Rumor has it the firemen have made a scarier maze than last year’s and, we had a pretty good time last year.

4. Dip caramel apples with the kids. In the past, I have proven somewhat dipping-challenged but, this year; I scoured the internet for the secret to perfect caramel apples and I think I found it. Unless, of course, I fail in which case; damn you, internet….damn you.

5. Pull down all thirty boxes of outdoor Halloween decorations that Hugh and I have amassed over the years.

6. Determine which of the decorations will be pressed into use on our haunted house for The Teenager’s friends on Halloween night.

7. Make a list of new things we need in order to make the haunted house as scary as possible.

8. Fret over the possibility of the haunted house being lame, thus ensuring the embarrassment of The Teenager for the rest of her life.

9. Carve the pumpkins that we picked up at the pumpkin patch last Saturday.

10. Find either the time to clean the house or the patience to bear the dust.

11. Bake cupcakes for the Man-Cub’s school Halloween party.

12. Till fertilizer into the garden, spread a layer of grass clippings over it and call it good for the season.

13. Remember to place a towel under my head in case of obnoxious drooling once I finish everything and fall into a coma on the couch riiiight about 7:00 Sunday night.

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  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    You all do pumpkin launchings too? I've been meaning to go check out the ones here for a while, but I always here about it after the event.

  2. Sounds like you have quite the weekend ahead of you!

    Pumpkin launching sounds great! Corn mazes in the dark are such fun.

    Enjoy yourself despite the busyness!