Friday, March 04, 2011

It’s a Matter of Perspective

While Hugh is on a business trip to Tennessee, I am single-parenting the children and, I must say; single parenting adolescents is so much easier than single-parenting infants, toddlers or pre-schoolers and, I think the word you are reaching for now is duh.

Yes, the responsibilities involved in the daily care and maintenance of older children pales in comparison to those involved in the care of the babies, like obviously but; I still find it worth mentioning.

Indeed, I am enjoying the time that I am spending alone with the children. For one thing, they don’t expect a four-course dinner on the table as soon as they walk through the door (in his defense, neither does Hugh but, the wifely guilt, it is strong in this one), instead; they are quite content to eat breakfast for dinner and The Teenager has no problem cooking up a pan of eggs, a few slices of bacon and a stack of truly awesome pancakes.

This frees me up to attend to the other necessary tasks involved in running a successful household, things like keeping a space warm on the couch and updating the children on the latest comical gem on

You know, the important things.

And, I have been working on the kids’ scrapbooks, books on which I am sorely behind (Mom: Teenager, who was your fifth grade teacher again? Teenager: Oh. My. Gawwwwd), making arrangements for The Teenager’s upcoming volleyball tournament in Denver and keeping up-to-the-minute on the antics of that crazy Charlie Sheen. I’m a busy woman, is what I’m saying and; it’s sure nice to have kids who no longer require me to wash their backsides.

Please feel free to remind me of this the next time I spiral downward into a pit of despair regarding how quickly they are growing up.

Really, do.

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  1. Oh Gooooddddddd, I'm starting all over! WAHHHHHH!!!!! Seriously though, I think about this every night as my boys bathe themselves and read quietly, or just watch TV alone. My life. It is about to turn upside down! And that text was TOOO funny.