Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yo, Adriennnnnne!

So, apparently, Rocky Balboa was at this weekend’s volleyball tournament and I never got to see him. And, while I understand that the odds of running into Rambo while in a ginormous building housing ten thousand spectators weren't exactly in my favor; I clearly need to work on my celebrity radar. Then, I can be like my sister who actually got to within spitting distance of Marky Mark while in New York last year. Not that she actually spit at Marky Mark, obviously, I mean; our mama raised us right. But, still! She could have, she was thisclose.

On the topic of celebrity run-ins; Hugh was at a gas station a few years ago and he pumped gas right next to Tom Cruise. When I asked him what that was like, he shrugged his shoulders all “ain’t no big thang." Then he patted himself on the back for not mentioning-out loud- the fact that Mr. Cruise is somewhat height-challenged. Oh, he thought it but, he didn’t say it. His mama raised him right, too.

Once upon a time ago, my parents rode in a Las Vegas elevator with Kiss and, another time, while in Vegas; ran into Raquel Welch while the closest I have come to a celebrity was sharing a hotel lobby with Hulk Hogan and, let's be honest; he’s not even D List.

So, while my daughter didn't even know who the hell Sylvester Stallone is; running into him would have been the pinnacle of my celebrity shoulder-rubbing experience and I missed it.

Granted, I would much rather ride in an elevator with Marky Mark but, at this point, I am totally willing to settle. 

Throw me a bone, celebrity universe (preferably one attached to Hugh Jackman, K?! Thanks!Bye!)!


  1. You're way ahead of me, my only run in with a "celebrity" was Charnele Brown from A Different World. She was in the mall when I worked at Barnie's coffee, so I gave her a free cup. ha ha

  2. I helped Sissy Spacek find the right size pants at the Gap when I worked there. I knew she was an actress, but had no appreciation for her then (or now, to be honest). Oh, and I saw Michael Bolton while I was in LA in 1998. Of all people. Seriously. The most unattractive male celebrity in the universe.