Sunday, May 27, 2012

In Which Weeds are My Nemesis and Space is the Final Party Frontier

I spent the better part of the day in the garden, weeding. I am now 99% positive that everything growing in the garden will eventually produce something edible. You know, at some point.

While I was weeding, the kids were at Jana's, either watching a Disney classics marathon or playing in the wilderness; I'll let you guess who was doing what (hint: the girls don't particularly care for the wilderness).

Both kids had spent Saturday night at Jana's since, that is where we went upon our return from Mayberry; Darren's birthday party having been the major reason that we left Mayberry after a mere twenty-four hour visit rather than spending the entire holiday weekend.

The birthday party was a lot of fun, with the kids enjoying whatever it is that kids enjoy while the adults enjoyed grown-up beverages and conversation about such topics as politics and the state of the economy. Just kidding; we were totally talking about what cool new toys we need to buy for the boats this summer (the menfolk) and planning a cool outing for the kids (the wimmens, obviously).

And, that cool outing? A stargazing party to be held in the wilderness. Don't worry, the girls will like this version of wilderness; we are going to take Jana's new/old motorhome Dolly, and, we will gaze at the stars from her roof.

Dolly, it should be noted, is a motorhome from the 1980's. She still features the decor and styling of the time and her horn plays a number of catchy tunes, including Dixieland. Awesome.

Anyway, the plan is to take Dolly to the drive-in for a showing of Men in Black III followed by the aforementioned stargazing. The theme of the evening will be complemented by appropriately named snacks to include: Milky Way bars, Mars bars, Starburst, Pop Rocks, Moon Pies, and, Zagnuts. Because we know how to party.

After stargazing, we will hit the local Denny's for breakfast and then call it a night/early morning. The kids were stoked when we told them the plan but, in all honesty, Jana and I are at least as excited (probably more).

The outing is tentatively scheduled for whenever the drive-in shows the movie which could be the as late as the end of the summer or as early as next week. It all depends on the schedule.

Speaking of schedules, tomorrow we have scheduled a trip to the local hot springs for soaking and a picnic since our original Memorial Day plan of boating on the lake has been derailed by high winds, and; boats, wind and water do not mix.

In fact, wind on the lake is almost as annoying to me as weeds in my garden.


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