Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

It's seven o'clock; do you know where your children are?

Probably at my house. They've been here since one o'clock this afternoon, when the final bell of the school year rang out in an anthem of freedom for teenagers the world over. Or, you know, as an anthem of freedom for teenagers in our small town.

Either way, kids, I gots em.

And, after six hours with them; I might consider sending them home, if they weren't so darn entertaining.

Although, if we are going to keep them, like, indefinitely; we are going to need a lot more food because, believe it or not; fifty teenagers go through snacks with the efficiency of a swarm of locusts. 

They make almost as much noise, too. 

And, yes, I just said fifty, for; that is the number of teenagers that were congregated on my porch and lawn at last count, and, I'm not even complaining because, as you may recall; it could have been sixty-one.

Whew! Dodged that bullet!

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