Thursday, May 10, 2012

She Is Her Mother's Daughter

The last day of school is still two weeks away and, already, The Teenager is planning her annual Last Day of School House Party. Last year's water balloon fight was so popular; she decided to go the water route again, this time with a giant slip 'n' slide on the front lawn.

Last night, mere minutes after Hugh arrived home from a three-day trip to the Front Range for a tazer class, The Teenager had him measuring the lawn and figuring the length of industrial strength plastic that will become the base for the ginormous water slide that currently exists only in her fevered imagination.

She then described, in detail, her vision of how the drinks would be chilled (galvanized steel wash buckets filled with ice, on the front porch, of course) and of what the menu of snacks will consist (chips, dips, etc.).

She's got it pretty well planned out and I can't help but feel just the tiniest smidgen of pride in her anal-retentive party planning tendencies, because; even I can admit that she comes by them naturally.

As an aside, if you happen to be in the neighborhood on May 22nd and are just dying to relive your childhood via a large sheet of plastic coated in dish soap and ice-cold water; do join us. I'll be the one lounging on the porch with camera (and a non-alcoholic drink) in hand.

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  1. You know, Peyton wanted an inflatable water slide for his birthday, but I wonder if I shouldn't go this route instead.