Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kicking Off Summer in Style

Our Memorial Day celebration consisted of floating in hot water, laying in the sun, eating ice cream, laughing with friends, enjoying the beauty of the area in which we live, dining on food crafted at a local brewery and, finally, crashing into a coma-like sleep due to exhaustion.

I think that constitutes a great Memorial Day.

Unfortunately, while enjoying all that sunshine, Hugh and I managed to get sunburned in weird and random patterns all over our bodies. I blame improper sunscreen application for some of the burns but must also question the sunscreen itself since I know I applied multiple layers of the stuff to the inside of Hugh's knees while he was sleeping and yet he still managed two wicked burns in that exact area.

Anyway, I have a week and a half to recover from the burns before heading out to meet The Girls for our weekend get-a-way and I am determined to be evenly colored before the trip.

Or, I will drink enough wine to forget about my patch-work tan lines. Either way.

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