Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Recap

I had a very nice Mother's Day, yesterday; I spent most of it relaxing on the couch, by which, I mean; trying not to move. Why was I trying to avoid movement? Because I was (and, am) very, very sore from my foray into the garden on Saturday.

I do not know how my grandmother managed to plant a large garden well into her 60's. I can't remember her being sore or stiff after a day spent in the garden nor can I recall her complaining after hours of standing over a hot canner in the kitchen at harvest time. Clearly I am lacking in the genes required to produce such levels of fortitude, because; I am in pain, people. Still. Today. In pain.

But! The garden, it is planted; as are the flower containers for the front porch and the various herbs that make up Hugh's culinary selection for use when cooking on the outside grill, you know, like a man.  A man who grilled chicken legs and tater tots for my Mother's Day dinner, last night (he would insist that I mention). And, if you are scratching your head whilst pondering the validity of cooking tater tots on the grill, allow me to assure you; it can be done, and; the result will be extra crispy tots, just like Hugh likes them.

While I was digesting the extra crispy tots and trying to relax on the couch, I was also giving myself an OPIcure, which is usually a very relaxing and enjoyable endeavour. Last night, not so much. You see, I had to share my pedicure soaking with some uninvited company... would think it was his day to be pampered or something.

 At least he didn't beg for tater tots.

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