Friday, August 03, 2012

Ain't Nothing But a Good Time

It's Corn Festival weekend here in Petticoat Junction and that usually means one thing: time spent on the porch, avoiding the crowds, heat, chaos and traffic caused by an influx of 20,000 extra people into a town with a normal population under 6,000.

This year, however, my parents are in town and are somewhat determined to make a brief appearance at the festival, mainly to peruse the vendor booths and to eat an ear-or two- of fresh, local corn. And, while I am not usually up for the challenge; I figure that we can get an early start, thus avoiding the worst part of the heat as well as the larger crowd of people who are mostly interested in the evening concert. If so, we can get our window-shopping and corn-eating accomplished and still be back on the porch well before lunch.

Then, we will spend the remainder of the day watching the hummingbirds flock to the feeders, reading, visiting, and enjoying the peace and quiet that can only be found on the porch. At least until the concert starts, that is. And, the fireworks. But, other than that? Peace. Pure peace.

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