Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bullet Points

  • The Teenager is working in the Special Needs classroom as a teacher's assistant and she LOVES it. She was happy when the opportunity presented itself (mainly because it got her out of yet another semester of P.E.) but she was also a little hesitant since she didn't have any experience working with the differently-abled. Apparently, she needn't have worried about that as the teacher assures her that she is a natural. And, I mean, she is just so enthusiastic about the kids and about the tasks that she gets to help them with; it's a very nice surprise to see her so taken with something, and I wouldn't be surprised if she decided to pursue Special Education as a career.

  • I attended the meeting for volleyball parents earlier this evening and I was very pleasant. I didn't sign up for a damn thing, but, I was pleasant.

  • At a local business, today; I spoke with the mother of a sophomore who was cut from the team, completely. She was so unhappy with the politicking; she cancelled her business's sponsorship of the Booster Club, so; I am not alone in my pettiness. Oddly, that made me feel  a titch better. But, just a titch.

  • The Man-Cub continues to enjoy the eighth grade. He is especially digging the whole football as an "upper classman" gig and made it a point to tell us that the seventh graders are "tiny". Yes, The kid who just cracked the 25th percentile for height and weight called some other kids "tiny". I was not aware that the school had recruited Lilliputians; Gulliver must be so lonely.

  • Homecoming is going to be quite early this year (September 15th) and The Teenager is worried about finding a dress. I see a shopping trip in my very near future.

  • And that's all I have.

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  1. One of my best babysitters ever worked with the special needs kids from 6th grade on. She's now a special Ed teacher. I love that older kids are given that opportunity to assist.