Monday, August 13, 2012

Well, Apparently it Was Over Already

Yeah, so yesterday's plan to take the kidlets on a stargazing tour went down in flames thanks to a longer than expected road trip and a raging migraine headache. The road trip, Jana's, the headache, mine, because of course it was.

Indeed, I had no sooner hit publish on the last post when the tell-tale distortion in my peripheral vision began, and, despite an immediate application of Imitrex; the headache was full-blown within the hour.

Jana wasn't faring much better, having made an emergency trip to the bedside of her husband's grandfather, and, in the end, we agreed that a postponement was in all of our best interests.

Happily, with a nice four-hour-long nap under my belt (as well as two Excedrin Migraine tablets and enough caffeine to power an emergency generator), I was able to drag myself outside and onto the trampoline, where I nestled beside the Man-Cub to catch a few of the meteors that were streaking across the night sky. It was actually a really pleasant end to an otherwise kind of crappy day.

Can't wish for much better than that, I suppose. 

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