Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Three Hundred Dollars Later...

As of 2:15 this afternoon, both of my children are officially registered for school; the checks I wrote for $135 and $131 would like to dispel the myth that a free public education exists in our society, thank you very much.

The Teenager's expenses included two college-level courses, and, while we have always planned to spend money on her higher education; I did not expect the bill to arrive quite so early. On the bright side, college credit, so, I'll quit complaining now.

Besides, it's done.

In addition to the registration fees, I spent an additional fifty bucks on school supplies for the Man-Cub. The Teenager's supply list won't be available until after the first day of school, so, I have two weeks to find another vein to bleed dry  save for that expense. Unfortunately, volleyball two-a-days have started and sports physicals don't come cheap.

So, of course, now is the perfect time for my vacuum cleaner to shit the bed, for our garage door opener to go on strike, and, for my roots to become horrifyingly obvious.

A money tree suddenly growing like a magic beanstalk in the backyard would be welcome right about now, is what I'm saying.

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