Monday, August 06, 2012

Almost as Predicted

Our trek to the Corn Festival went pretty much the way I had expected; we arrived early and stayed briefly. In addition to those two elements, the experience was made even more pleasurable when we received golf-cart chauffeur service from the VIP parking lot to a very shady area wherein we were able to set up our chairs, away from the broiling sun.

This location made for a most pleasant visit, and, with all-we-could-eat corn, bottomless cups of soda (proceeds from which served as a fund raiser for our local fire department), humungous bags of freshly popped kettle corn, cotton candy, and, an opportunity to watch the Man-Cub play in a giant hamster-ball; it turned out to be a pretty awesome day.

Once we were all festivaled out, Mom and I went shopping while Dad relaxed at the house. The Teenager and her friends continued to roam the festival and the Man-Cub fulfilled a life-long ambition to visit the Hooters in Neighboring City.

Yes, really.

Ok, fine, maybe it wasn't his life-long ambition, but, he has been wanting to go for quite some time, (like, since puberty began to have it's way with him). Luckily for him, Chris offered to take him and Darren while on a tow run and, the rest is fanboy history.

He can now say, "Hooters? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt". Like, for real; Chris bought him a t-shirt. His corruption of my child is complete.

Anyway, the Cub made it home from the Den of Iniquity in plenty of time to watch the final event of the Corn Fest; the fireworks. We watched them from the back porch and can honestly say that we felt like we had fully participated in this year's festival.

No heat stroke required.

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