Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bathroom Foraging, Day Two

The water at Place of My Employment was finally restored today; ten minutes before we ended the workday.

Because, of course it was.

On the bright side, thanks to the return of actual flushing toilets, I was able to arrive at my 5:00 hair appointment with an empty bladder, which, I consider a blessing since the restroom at the salon kind of creeps me out.

In news not related to bodily excretions (you're welcome); I am really not liking the cold weather, and, not just because it causes frozen pipes which leads to toiletlessness (oops, sorry!). I am also not digging the icy sidewalks that my co-worker and I are forced to navigate on our daily power-walks. And, while I realize that my sixteen degree temperatures pale in comparison to my parent's negative thirty-seven degree temperatures (Seriously. NEGATIVE thirty-seven. That's insane); I still don't like it.

I am, however, enjoying the slightly longer days; the sun still visible on the horizon when I leave work each day gives me such pleasure, I can't begin to explain it. Suffice it to say that I am feeling far less depressed this winter than I have in recent years, which, I consider a blessing.

And, speaking of depressing things, I have talked myself down from a ledge where the Man-Cub's freshman orientation is concerned; I'm simply going to remove him from public school and teach him at home, where he will be classified as an eighth-grader forever. Along with his sister, the perennial high school junior, of course.

Problem solved.

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