Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Man-Flu vs. Freshman Orientation: An Epic Battle of Annoyance

We survived Freshman orientation last night, despite the fact that Hugh is in day three-hundred-and-five of Super-Whiny Man Disease.

Or, day four of the flu; same diff.

Indeed, last night, when Hugh bemoaned the fact that he didn't "feeeel goooood"; The Teenager deadpanned "We know, dad. We know". Her comic timing and dry delivery were right on and I couldn't help but feel an enormous wave of parental pride wash over my heart.

But, back to orientation.

It wasn't anything that we hadn't heard before but it felt different when relating it to my last-born. It Which, is ridiculous; we still have four years before the Cub graduates, there is no need to get all weepy, now.

And, please don't pick this moment to remind me that my daughter graduates next spring. I'll cut you.

I will.

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