Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday? Really?

I spent a large majority of my day labouring under the impression that it was Wednesday. When I finally realized that is was only Tuesday, I was crushed. This is like the longest week, evah.

In addition, the below-zero temperatures we have been experiencing of late finally had their way with the pipes at Place of My Employment; freezing up and leaving us without water today. The situation required my co-workers and me to leave the building in search of public restrooms all day long, and, while I can't speak to the ingenuity of my colleagues; I personally visited toilets at the public library, a local grocery store, Starbucks, and, the Elks Club, where, I discovered the coldest restroom in the history of restrooms, hands down.

I wish I could say that the situation will be any better tomorrow, but, the plumber is really, really busy right now (thank you sub-zero temperatures) and doesn't think he can get to us until late afternoon.

My boss sent out a mass email letting us know that it was perfectly ok to use comp-time or to work from home if our delicate sensitivities can't take another day of bathroom foraging. However, I have meetings I can't reschedule and, as the New Girl, I don't exactly have a lot of comp-time built up, so; my ass will be braving the cold porcelain toilet seats found hither and yon in Hooterville while my lucky colleagues tele-commute from the warmth and comfort of their own couches.

I would declare this all to be a hardship, but, I've recently seen people living with these conditions on a daily basis, so, yeah, not so much.

I am, however, still more than comfortable bitching about it only being Tuesday.

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