Wednesday, January 02, 2013

This Is NOT the Way to Win Friends, 2013

On the way to work this morning, I heard a muted pinging sound and then watched in horror as a crack zipped across my windshield. The crack is thisclose to impeding my line of sight which means that I am going to need a new windshield sooner rather than later. This pisses me off for a variety of reasons, the very least of which is the fact that we have already replaced the windshield once before.

Not cool.

Oh, and we never did go sledding on New Year's day which means that our tradition is becoming less of a tradition and more of a thing that we do, you know, when we feel like it. I guess I'm ok with that, given the fact that I am getting old enough to wonder if my body can take being hurled down an icy slope with nothing but an inner tube to protect it.

For the record? It probably can't.

We did manage to keep one tradition intact; we ate black eyed peas yesterday. I can still sort of taste them in the back of my throat.

Also not cool.

But, if eating those vile legumes earns us some good luck in 2013, it will be worth it.

Waiiiit a minute, beans eaten...windshield cracked....fuck! I demand a do-over!

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  1. You live! In! Colorado! Multiple windshields is the NORM!!! ;)