Sunday, January 06, 2013

Life's Too Short

-To match socks from the laundry.

-To read sponsored posts; if I read your blog, it's because I am (or, was) interested in your life, not because I give a rat's patootie about which fabric softener keeps your unmentionables silky soft.

-To pass up dessert. A healthy lifestyle is a great thing but one should always include dessert.

-To stress over things that you cannot change.

-To waste time on negativity.

-To pass up a chance to cuddle with a boy who will soon be a man.

-To pass up the opportunity to tell a teenage girl how awesome she is, even if the only response you get is a condescending sigh and an eye roll.

-To waste time on household chores or a day job when you could be sunning yourself from the deck of a boat, surrounded by friends and family.

-To waste time feeling bad about yourself.

-To skip vacations.

-To say "tomorrow, I'll get to that, tomorrow".

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