Thursday, January 03, 2013


One of my favorite bloggers is The Pioneer Woman. I love how down-to-earth she seems, despite the fame and the exposure and the best-selling cookbooks and the television show and the clearly awesome family, and...wait; why do I like her again?

But, really. I do. I've used a lot of her photography tips and cooked several of her recipes and I can always count on her website for new ideas, which, is my way of telling you that I stole the idea to use the letters from the word RESOLUTIONS to set my goals for 2013 from Ree Drummond; she's a smart one, that Pioneer Woman.

So, without further adieu, I give you my resolutions for 2013, Pioneer Style.

Relax more. Preferably on the porch. With wine. And, The Girls.
Eat better. Less junk, more whole foods.
Sleep better. This may also require wine. I'm just saying.
Organize the best damn Spring Luncheon my woman's club has ever seen.
Learn something new every day.
Use less profanity. Seriously, I am not employed as a sailor, there is no damn need to swear (See?!).
Try something new every day.
Increase my flexibility-I've let myself get way too tight recently. Yoga? Pilates? Whatever works.
Organize the items in my attic for a yard sale this summer. Actually HAVE a yard sale this summer.
Nest more, this means more crafting, more housecleaning and more home entertaining. Girls? Wine?
Spend more time doing things that make me happy, because; when I'm happy, my whole family is happier.

While all of these things are doable, some will be more difficult than others, I mean, drinking wine with my girlfriends? Torture, pure torture.

I'm willing to make the effort, however.

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