Monday, January 07, 2013

Seven Days In and Already We Have Vomit. Way to Go, 2013

The weekend at Casa de Chelle was both relaxing and eventful. I managed to mark several items off my To-Do list and was feeling pretty good about my accomplishments. That is, until I realized that I still had a fully decorated front porch. I always give Hugh a hard time for leaving the outdoor lights up until March and now I am the one who is slacking on the de-Christmassing front.

In my defense, it is colder than usual outside. And, I am lazy.

But, not too lazy to take advantage of the new elliptical machine that I purchased for myself on Sunday. That’s right; I bought myself a fancy piece of exercise equipment. My goals are lofty and include actually using the machine. For the record, Hugh has no faith in the probability of this happening. I know this because he told me so, in not-very-nice words while attempting to put the machine together last night. I would be offended but, I think his lack of faith had more to do with the fact that he was having a really hard time inserting peg A into slot B as well as with all the rest of the instructions that the construction entailed.

Then, he was struck down by stomach flu at 3:00 this morning. Karma. Boomerang.

That said: please don’t let me get the flu, Lord.


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