Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's a Sad Age We Live In

On occasion, my co-workers deal with somewhat unstable individuals. My department tends not to deal with unstable people, but, because we all share the same building, we are all at risk of becoming the victims of an unfortunate situation.

In order to be as prepared as possible for the unlikely event that a client goes postal on the office, we  developed safety plans, as one does. We have known that we would be drilled on the plans at some point in time, but, when management surprised us with an active shooter drill yesterday, it became pretty clear that not everyone in the office was prepared to fight for their lives.

Except for co-worker and me, that is; we totally kicked ass on the drill and ended up being the sole survivors in our office building.

Unlike our fellow office mates, co-worker and I had actually practiced our plan prior to the drill. Like, numerous times. So, when we heard the first "shots", we were up and in action immediately. Had there been a true threat, we would have had ample opportunity to call 911 from our designated safe place as well as having an escape route and means for protecting ourselves, if it came down to hand-to-hand combat.

As you may imagine, we felt pretty smug about our success.

The drill was discussed at length in our staff meeting later in the day and several new plans are in the works for our co-workers who weren't so successful. We are all on heightened awareness for the next drill, as well.

Co-worker and I are probably more aware than anyone else in the building, however, because; it's now personal between us and the volunteer who acted as the gunman. He really wanted a perfect kill record and we totally screwed him out of it.

Next time, we are hitting him with a chair.

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