Wednesday, May 08, 2013

We Might Want to Throw a Fire Drill Into the Office Training

As I was sitting at my desk today, I began to smell the odor of burning toast. It didn't make sense to me, what with the whole "being at work" thing, and, I immediately decided that I was about to have a stroke.

Because, I once heard that smelling burning toast-when there is no burning toast- is the first symptom of a stroke.

And, no, I can't remember where I heard that.

Try to stay on topic, people.

Anyway, I turned off my computer, straightened the paperwork on my desk and waited for the inevitable blinding pain.

A few minutes later, when the pain had failed to materialize, I ventured down the corridor to the kitchen, where I found a co-worker holding a burned tortilla.

The tortillas were left over from our office Seis de Mayo party on Monday and the co-worker had burned it while trying to heat in up on the stovetop burner.

I'm sure her application to MENSA will be approved any day now.

Except, it won't, because; she had no idea that the first sign of an impending stroke is smelling the odor of burnt toast.

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