Monday, May 06, 2013

The Number Three is Killing Me

Yesterday I bought the Man-Cub a pair of baseball cleats, bringing my total number of athletic shoe purchases to three, in three months.

This month, I also purchased three sets of prom pictures; three sets in three weeks, to be exact.

As I type this, Hugh is online, purchasing new iphones for the Teenager, the Cub, and, myself. That's three new phones, for a total of just under three hundred dollars, once all is said and done.

Three is also the number of hours of sleep that I got on Saturday night, thanks to that third prom, and; three is the number of hours that I napped on Sunday, to make up for Saturday night.

Three is the number of days left until the Man-Cub's continuation dance and ceremony, for which I still need to make three props for the photos that I have volunteered to take.

Three is sort of kicking my ass, truth be told.

But, hey, at least it isn't four, right?

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