Friday, May 10, 2013

My Dogs Are Barking

I just got back from decorating for tonight's Continuation ceremony and my feet are KILLING me. That will teach me to wear platform sandals on a day when I have to run around with fake surfboards, tiki torches, inflatable palm trees, and silk leis for three hours, now, won't it?

On the bright side, the Middle School cafeteria looks AMAZING. We really outdid ourselves as a committee.

Now, I am off to take pictures of the Man-Cub and his date before the dance; they are meeting a group of friends at the home of one of their classmates (the son of a Porch Night Lady) for a steak dinner and we can't miss this opportunity to heckle them until they blush.

After all, rosy cheeks look ever so lovely in photos.

Before I go, though, I am totally changing into a pair of shoes that doesn't make me want to cut my own feet off with a rusty knife, because; rusty knives and bloodshed do NOT feature in our Pirates in Paradise theme.

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