Monday, May 27, 2013

Things I Have Accomplished This Weekend

  • Sleeping in past 7:00, three mornings in a row.
  • Laying in the sunshine.
  • Observing the full moon through the Man-Cub's telescope.
  • Shopping for summer clothing with The Teenager.
  • Watching an NCIS Los Angeles marathon on DVD.
  • Eating a pound of fresh-although, not local-cherries while lounging on the porch.
  • Antique store hopping with my co-worker.
  • A pedicure in OPI's Jinx shade, from the Women of James Bond collection.
  • A facial.
  • A long, candlelit soak in the tub, with a glass of really delicious wine.
  • Reading a new Jodi Picoult novel.

It doesn't seem like much, but, that was kind of the point. Hugh is in Virginia, officiating at a large wrestling tournament and the kids and I decided that a nice quiet, relaxing three-day weekend was just what we needed in order to start the summer off on the right note.

Tomorrow, I head back to work, and, I can honestly say; I feel energized and ready to tackle another week.

I think that's just what three-day weekends are meant for.

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