Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Summer of My Discontent

Summer officially starts on Saturday, but, I feel like it is almost over, already. This depresses me on several levels. For one thing, I feel like we haven't really had an opportunity to enjoy the season. We haven't been on the boat yet, we have had only one Porch Night, we haven't spent an evening under the stars with the Man-Cub's telescope, and, we haven't even considered a road trip.

Instead, the Cub has been working. And, playing baseball.

The Teenager and Hugh did manage a road trip to the other side of the mountains to tour a college, and, I'm pretty sure they had a good time doing that, but, still. No real fun stuff for the family.

As an aside, The Teenager loved the college. She was stoked to hear that they had a course of study that is exactly what she wants to pursue. She was, however, slightly dismayed to hear that the student body is made up of 66% females and a mere 33% males. We didn't hazard a guess as to what constitutes the final 1%.

So, yeah, great education in a practically boy-free setting, what more could a parent wish for? I don't know, maybe something...closer?

La, dee, da, I'll think about that tomorrow.

Anyhoodle, The Teenager heads to Neighboring City for a country music festival tomorrow. The festival lasts for three days and Hugh and I have allowed The Teenager to attend with a friend and her parents. I hope we don't live to regret that decision.

Once she gets home, we will enjoy her company for a couple of days before she takes off for a few days in Mayberry, where she will be spoiled to the max by the Pod People. At least she is getting the most out of this summer.

As for me, I see a deep cleaning of the house in my future. I also need to have a yard sale (Kill me. Kill me, now) and I have a critically important work report that is due to the state by August 1st.

I don't really see a lot of relaxation, is my point, hence, the title of this post.

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