Friday, June 14, 2013

We'll Really Miss the Employee Discount

Today is The Teenager's last day at the pizza parlor; she wants to concentrate on volleyball and her manager wasn't able to accommodate her schedule. She also has a number of college tours scheduled for the next month or so, and, she plans to drive herself to Mayberry to visit her grandparents; expecting her to work on top of everything else really would have been asking a lot.

So, goodbye, employee discount! You made The Teenager's first job totally worth it (To me)!

Ironically, today was the Man-Cub's first day at his new job. He will be working for a local corn farmer. He applied for, and got, the job on his own, with no help from either Hugh or myself. I'm understandably proud of him, but, I have to admit to the slightest bit of anxiety over him working with farm machinery.

The Cub was also pulled up to play for the 16-18 year-old baseball team. The coach, who happens to also coach the high school baseball team, asked him to make the transition and we are really pleased for the Cub.

Of course, with the new job and the extra games (the Cub will continue to play on the 13-15 year old team, as well); we are looking at an even busier summer than I had expected.

Boating opportunities are looking less and less likely to occur.

But, I'm still super-proud of my kiddos.

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