Tuesday, April 22, 2014

And We're Back to Bullet Points

  • Hugh managed to hose down the porch, enabling me to organize the wicker and rockers in anticipation of Graduation.

  • Organizing the porch reminded me that we need to buy furniture for around the fire pit that Hugh built last fall.

  • While I am shopping for outdoor furniture, I might as well pick up the bedding plants and flowers to use in my window boxes on the porch.

  • Once I have the window boxes planted, I should probably turn my attention to The Teenager's graduation party, although, my mom and I talked about it at length last weekend when I was in Mayberry for Easter, so, I'm feeling less stressed over the preparations than I could be.

  • I don't think I previously mentioned that I had been in Mayberry for Easter. So; yeah, I was in Mayberry for Easter.

  • I still haven't eaten any Easter candy. I have developed a wicked addiction to some cinnamon glazed almonds that I found at the Hellmouth. They have more sugar than is probably good for me, but, almonds.

  • I have effectively replaced the vast majority of my wardrobe. During what became a complete closet purge, I discovered an embarrassingly large number of items that I had purchased last year and then never worn because they were too small; the tags were still attached to most of them. Those items fit, now. So, it's like I gained even more new clothing without the expense. You know, if you ignore the part where I basically wasted money on them for a year. Which, I do, because that's how I roll.

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