Friday, April 04, 2014

In Which My Wallet Also Loses Weight

Last week, I finally broke down and ordered new bras. I had known that the bras I am currently wearing had gotten a bit looser, but, it wasn't until I realized that I could ball my hands into fists and fit them in each cup along with my boobs that I made the connection. I'm smart like that.

So, new bras are on their way.

Then, today, my co-worker informed me that we were going shopping; she needed a belt, having recently lost twenty pounds of her own, and, while we were at it, I was going to buy some new jeans since the pair I was currently rocking were, and I quote; "soupy" in the seat.


Yeah, I had no idea, either, so; she had me look over my shoulder while standing in front of a full-length mirror at the store and, apparently, soupy=baggy and stretched-out looking.

Good to know.

So, I grabbed a pair of jeans a size smaller than I was wearing and tried them on. They didn't fit and I ended up purchasing a couple of pairs that are two sizes smaller than the original pair. Which, goes a long way in explaining the soupy appearance of my ass, although, I'm sure the fact that my ass is flat as a pancake contributed.

My ass is still flat, but, my jeans no longer sag and bag, so, yay.

To recap: Boobs, not so big anymore. Ass still flat. Appropriately sized garments procured. Wallet lighter.

The End.

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