Thursday, April 17, 2014


The Man-Cub is heading over the mountain to tour colleges with a group of kids from school and two hapless and brave chaperones.

When I dropped him off at the bus this morning, I happily chirped "Have fun at college!". The smile he gave me as he closed his door tore my heart into two ragged pieces; he is so grown up. And, handsome. When did that happen? How can he be going to tour colleges?

I've only just wrapped my head around the fact that his sister is leaving me; how am I supposed to cope when both of them are gone?

I have seen the future and it involves a completely empty nest.

And I don't like it.

On the bright side (yep, still looking for the silver lining, cuz that's how I roll), did I mention how handsome the Cub has gotten? And, we all know how beautiful The Teenager is (biased, yes, and proud of it).

You know what that means?

Someday, light years from now, my empty nest will be full of gorgeous grandbabies (not any time, soon, Lord, please), and I will turn into the worst example of over-indulgence that the Pod People have ever produced. And, then, all of this won't sting quite so much.

Coping skills! I haz 'em!

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