Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Ides of March Have Nothing on the Ides of May

I have been eyeing May on the calendar with a mixture of excitement and angst. One the one hand, May brings us a month closer to June, which means we are that much closer to summer and boating and Porch Nights and long nights under starry skies. On the other hand, May is....well....May.

Which, this year, means one thing: The Teenager's graduation.

But, it's not just the graduation that is causing me stress, it's all of the other events that are scheduled for the month:

-Prom, May 3rd

-The Blue and Gold Academic Awards, May 5th

-The National Honor Society cord presentation ceremony, May 6th

-The Senior Sober grad party, May 12th

-The Scholarship Award luncheon at my women's club, May 13th

-Baccalaureate, May 13th

-The Teenager's pre-graduation party, May 17th

-Graduation, May 18th

-The after-graduation luncheon for family and friends, May 18th

-The annual end-of-the-school-year slip'n'slide party, May 22nd

Not to mention the fact that I sort of work full time.

I'm sure I'll get through it all, I just need to focus...on June, when I plan to spend the majority of my time floating on an inflatable raft in the middle of a lake with a cold bottle of wine in my hand.

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