Thursday, April 03, 2014

Even Better Than Texting With a Teenager...

...taking a call from teenagers; for example, this conversation that I had with Mikey and the Man-Cub** yesterday:

C:      Hello?

MC:   Hi mom! Can I spend the night at Mikey's?

C:      I guess so.

MC:   Cool! Can I have $20?

C:      I don't have $20. Sorry.

MC:   If I leave a twenty on the counter, will you go to the store and buy me a card for my Xbox?

C:      If you have a twenty, why do you need one from me?

MC:   I just thought I would ask. So, will you get me the card?

C:      No, sorry. I'm not going to the store today.

MC:    Mooooommmmm.....

C:      Sorry, no.

MC:   Ok, hey, Mikey wants to talk to you.

M:      Hi Second Mama!

C:       Hi Second Son!

M:      Do you love me better than First Son?

C:      That depends; what do you want from me?

M:     Nothing.

C:      Then, yes; I love you more.

M:     Thought so!

MC:  That's just mean.

I love those boys.

**Wouldn't Mikey and the Man-Cub be a great name for a boy band? I'm totally suggesting that to the boys. Too bad neither of them can carry a tune...

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