Monday, November 10, 2014

Counting My Blessings. And Counting, And Counting

This weekend was very productive.

Or, I suppose I should say, I was very productive this weekend (1.)

Mission Get Off My Ass started Friday, after work, when I enlisted the Man-Cub's help to cart the numerous boxes containing my Christmas village down from the attic. Upon depositing the last box in the living room, the Cub jetted out the door to spend the afternoon and evening playing basketball with his friends at the Rec. Center, and, I can't say that I blame him; village construction is time consuming and exhausting. Plus, it wasn't called Mission Get the Cub Off HIS Ass for a reason.

Anyhoodle, I started working on setting up the miniature houses, shops, and tiny residents at 3:30 and I placed the last tree in just the right location at 8:40. Granted, a large majority of the time was spent staring helplessly at the boxes as I tried to decide exactly how to get started, but, once I was in the groove, things went a little faster.

I did struggle a bit with cord management again this year, discovering an entire strand of lights that had died while in storage; I'm guessing the death was due to natural causes and don't suspect foul play. Unfortunately, I also discovered more breakage this year than in any year that I can readily recall, so; repair time was added to the chore (2.)

But, once the job was completed, I had a gorgeous display that will look amazing once I actually turn it on (3.)

Saturday morning, the Man-Cub and I made a trip to the Salvation Army to drop off several bags of clothing that had accumulated in the garage over the past couple of years. While we were driving into Hooterville, Mom called to say that she had finally been able to access my Dad's online Fantasy Football accounts and had discovered an $800 credit. She was tickled with the windfall because Dad had told the Man-Cub last summer that he and Mom wanted to pay for his sports camps over the next couple of years and she wanted me to let the Cub know that this was Dad's way of making sure that it happens, which, I did (4.)

The Cub was just as tickled as Mom, I think.

Later in the afternoon, I made the drive to Neighboring City for my monthly trip through Sam's Club. I always enjoy going there this time of year because there are usually good deals to be found on holiday items. This year, not so much. But, that was ok because I had more cash to spend on cute things in the mall and at Hobby Lobby, which ended up working out better, anyway (5.)

Sunday was the busiest day of the weekend by far. In all, I managed to: wash, dry and fold six loads of laundry, make deposits for two days worth of money at the store, write payroll checks, cook a whole chicken, store six quarts of homemade chicken broth, clean out the fridge, decorate the front porch for Christmas, which included putting up a tree, stringing lighted garland, and hanging three wreaths. Oh, and, before that, I swept the porch and brushed the cobwebs from the corners and ceilings.

It should be noted that the Man-Cub assisted with the tree by putting together the ancient (well, 23-year-old) tree stand, which, he accomplished in about a minute flat and while whistling Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (this feat usually requires Hugh's efforts plus a hammer and a string of cuss words). I swear, that child becomes more my hero every day.

I also took a thirty minute nap, because, well, because I was exhausted.

But, as I said, I accomplished so much! And, I know that it is really early to start decking the halls with Christmas decorations; trust me, I know. I'm only doing it because I will be in Mayberry for the week leading up to Thanksgiving and I don't know how I'll feel when I get back. What if I don't have it in me to be festive after spending the first holiday of our New Normal? It wouldn't be fair to the kids for me to skimp on my usual Christmas fare, so, I am planning ahead in the event that my heart just ain't in it when I get back.

I'm planning for crisis because that is what I do.

Also, because it keeps me busy and focused on the moment, and, when you are living moment-to-moment, focus is important.

Of course, at this rate, I'll have Valentine's Day cookies baked and frosted by Christmas Eve.

Ha! Kidding (6.)

Blessing Count: 6

(1) Grateful for an able body.

(2) Grateful for Super Glue.

(3) Grateful for friends and family who have gifted me with various pieces for the village since I began collecting it back in the early 90's.

(4) So very grateful that Dad is still finding little ways to show us that he is here, with us, and for us.

(5) Grateful for jobs that provide a decent living for my family.

(6) Grateful that I inherited my Dad's sense of humor.

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