Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Day Four

Today I attended the weekly meeting of my women's service group. It was the first meeting that I have attended since I have been back from Mayberry and the members showered me with hugs and pats on the back and gentle stroking. The majority of these women are older than me, by more than a couple of decades in many cases, yet they are as close to me as friends my own age.

A number of the women have experienced great loss, husbands, parents, children, friends; so they understand the stages of grief better than most. I am grateful for the wisdom that they shared with me today. I'm grateful for the comfort they provided.

I'm super grateful for the riotous game of BINGO that we played at the conclusion of the meeting, not because I won (I so did not), but because it was another reminder that there will always be laughter to follow the tears. Also, because it reminded me quite clearly of the years when my sisters and I would accompany Dad to the veteran's center to call out BINGO for the residents; those were fun times and they made for some great memories.

I'm grateful for memories these days as well as for the people who jog them from the recesses of my mind.

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