Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grateful for Possibilities

Had my brother lived, today would have been his 45th birthday. I am also 45 and will be for the next fifteen days, so, we were totally twins!  Irish Twins, but, you know, close enough.

I called my mom earlier this evening to see how she was doing and we chatted a little about how Dad must be enjoying his first opportunity to spend his son's birthday with him. I'm betting there was a ball of some sort involved. Or, beer. I guess it all depends on your idea about Heaven and how it works up there. I personally believe that we see the people we love in the form that we want to see them in, and, I believe that that form can change, depending on what we need to see.

If I'm right, Dad will watch his son grow up, finally.

I can't think of a bigger blessing, today.

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