Saturday, November 15, 2014

Grateful For Apparently Having Had My Shit Together Last Year

Yesterday, I climbed into the attic to pull down the boxes of general Christmas decorations. Through the transparent lid of the first tote, I noticed a piece of paper and, out of curiosity, opened that box first. On top of the items in the box was a handwritten list of the contents of the box, which, made it really easy for me to decide if the box was worth hauling down the ladder, down the stairs, and into the living room (I use different decorations year-to-year, depending on my mood or theme).

I vaguely remembered writing the lists last year, and, by vaguely, I mean that I had the following conversation inside my head: "Wow! Did I do that? I don't quite recall doing that. Shit! That is amazing! Look how much work Past Me just saved Current Me! Go, Me!".

Past Me kind of rocks.

Current Me is super grateful.

And, long story short (ha! Too Late!), the house is 99% decorated for the holidays. The final 1% will happen later this evening when Hugh and the Man-Cub pull the tree out of the attic and we get it trimmed.

Hugh even made sure that everything that plugs in is on one of three channels of a remote, so; my goal of walking into the house on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, pushing a button, and lighting up the neighborhood like the freaking Griswold's is within my grasp...

...this excites me more than it would excite a normal person.

I'm not normal; I own that.

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