Monday, March 28, 2016

Well, That Was Delicious

Mom and I slaved over Easter dinner.

Really, we slaved.

We glazed ham and carrots, we scalloped potatoes, we deviled eggs, we baked rolls and German Chocolate cake, and we mixed up a mean frog-eye salad.

Our diners appreciated the efforts, savoring the meal at a leisurely pace while enjoying casual conversation and several glasses of wine from a local vineyard.

Oscar and Emily had joined us for the day, and, prior to dinner,  we noshed on some muenster cheese that Emily orders in specially from a local grocery. The cheese is a favorite of QB, and she managed to enjoy a few sliced despite the pain from some dental work that she had done last week (long story, but, the tooth that she chipped many years ago is finally requiring a permanent fix, so, several hundred dollars later, she is two weeks closer to a veneer that is supposed to solve the problem for good).

She was also able to eat the deviled eggs, since they were soft enough to swallow without too much chewing.

They were also adorable, but that's beside the point.

Before dinner, I set the table, using dishes from my last Altrusa Spring Luncheon table, silver serving spoons that I purchased in Paris last year, linens that I picked up on sale at Target, and adorable bunny-ear napkin rings that I discovered in the dollar bins, also at Target. It turned out pretty cute, I think.

I re-purposed my antique sugar scuttle, using it as a candy dish, and, it fit in nicely with the d├ęcor.

I filled it with Robins Eggs, which are one of my favorite Easter treats, and, the star of several of my pre-Easter cravings, which, probably explains the fact that I managed to purchase three bags, without really realizing it. In my defense, they are only available once a year, so, I was being proactive.

Yeah, that's it, proactive.

Anyway, it was a great day for eating. Not such a great day for dieting, if that was anyone's goal, but, again; it only happens once a year.

Side note: Despite Mom and I being the only people in this house who like coconut and pecans in frosting, this cake is already halfway gone. Also, I see a lot of exercise in our futures.

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