Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Because This Is All I Do: Walk, and Talk About Birds

You guys, what has my life become? I used to have a purpose! Now, the highlight of my day is the buzzing of my Fitbit as it alerts me to the completion of my 10,000 steps. I am so boring, I can hardly stand myself.


I've lost some weight (I'm whispering because I don't want to jinx myself; I still have a long way to go), and, I've rediscovered a couple of muscles that I thought were gone forever.

I've also bonded with a couple of my co-workers whom I hadn't known well, previously. A couple of days ago, those co-workers and I discovered a new walking path that will probably be our best bet for wintertime walking because it is a bike path that the city maintains year-round. It also has the added benefit of running alongside a canal that is home to a flock of semi-wild ducks. I say "semi-wild" because they have been somewhat tamed by the residents of the neighborhoods adjacent to the canal.

Yesterday, we started toting Ziploc baggies full of rolled oats on our walks so that we can feed the ducks as we make our way along their portion of our path. And, let me tell you, there are few things more humorous than watching a duck waddle, full-throttle, toward you in the quest for a handful of oatmeal.

The ducks are also beautiful; they vary quite a bit in coloring and size. We each have our favorites among them, but, between you and me, my favorite is clearly the prettiest; he (she? Fuck if I know!) is black, with iridescent blue and green undertones, like a peacock, and, I could watch him glide on the surface of the water for hours. It's very therapeutic; like counseling offered through our EAP, only at no cost to my employers.

Huh. Maybe I should suggest it as an option on our next employee satisfaction survey.

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