Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fall 2017 Bucket List in Review

It's almost time for another seasonal bucket list, but, before we can move on to new goals, we must check in on the old.

As an aside, perhaps, one of the new goals should include not speaking in plural, I mean, really, do I have a mouse in my pocket or something?


So, how did I do on the current list?

1.  Take control of my health. Eat a healthy diet. Exercise regularly. Holy shit, people, I actually made some progress on this one! Five millionth time is a charm, apparently. But, seriously, I have managed to avoid both sugar and diet soda since the end of August. I've walked pretty much daily, in fact, I can count on less than five fingers the number of times I have missed accomplishing my 10,000 step goal. I feel quite a bit better than I did three months ago, and, even though I have a way to go; I am proud of my progress.

2.  Step outside my comfort zone as often as possible. Challenge myself to do new things. Umm, photographing a wedding? I'd say I stepped out of my comfort zone, for sure. Hiking with Kristi? That was outside my comfort zone at the time. New challenges at work? Check. Nailing this one, clearly.

3.  Go on a winery tour with friends. Kill me. Kill me, now. I will clearly never accomplish this.

4.  Decorate for Halloween, even if I wasn't feeling it this year. Nailed it! Actually ended up feeling pretty darn good about it.

5.  Visit one new place. Discover one new thing. Eat one new food.  Visited Baltimore for the first time. Discovered a new-found tolerance for some of my more annoying co-workers (that counts, right?). Ate my first Kentucky Brown while in Baltimore. It was delicious.

Now, I know this list wasn't exactly ambitious, but, for being my first list as an empty-nester, I think I did a pretty respectable job of it.

Tomorrow, I'll attempt to create a slightly more industrious list. Or, I won't; I am still really new at this "putting myself first" nonsense that everyone keeps telling me I should be taking advantage of, after all.

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