Saturday, November 18, 2017

Recent Proof of Life Photos

The Man-Cub texted me yesterday, letting me know that his Thanksgiving care package had made it to Hawaii safe and sound.

A little while later he Snapchatted me a couple of pictures which would seem to indicate that he was already enjoying the treats.

The second picture left me both sad and confused: confused because,  has his friend really never tasted pumpkin pie before? And sad, because, if that was going to be her first experience with pumpkin pie, it's a crying shame that it couldn't be my homemade version (which, incidentally, I baked the pumpkins for just this morning).

On a less confusing, and happier, note, the Cub also Snapchatted me this totally adorable picture of him and Miss Madi... may remember that Miss Madi is the girl from Denver, whose mother and I connected through one of my high school friends prior to the kids leaving for Hawaii. It tickles me that the kids have bonded and continue to hang out together.

I also credit Miss Madi with the Cub's recent willingness to try out some of the less masculine Snapchat filters.

He's doing so well with this daily check-in! I could not be more pleased.

On an entirely unrelated note, he's totally getting a shave and a haircut (two bits!) when he gets home.

Only three weeks to go!

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