Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday Favorites: Products I Actually Love

If you read many blogs, you've probably seen a lot of bloggers sharing products, and, in a lot of cases, they've probably been products that they are getting paid to promote. I tend to give the side-eye to those posts. For one thing, they always show pristine packages and clearly unused products; who in their right mind would believe that a product you profess to loooove would look so untouched?

Not this girl.

When I talk about products I love, it's because I truly love-and use-them. Like, a lot. Case in point: today's favorites:

Urban Decay Naked pallets. Truly, these are the most flattering and versatile eye shadow pallets I have ever owned. They were pricey, but, they last for ages, so they end up being an economical investment in the long run. I currently own all five of the line; Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3, Smokey Eye, and Naked Heat, but I've owned 1 and 2 the longest, so they show the most use.

Too Faced Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil. This bronzer was also on the pricey side, but, like the Urban Decay, it has lasted for ages. The chocolate line is made with actual cocoa powder and it still smells like a cup of hot cocoa every time I use it.

Nars blush in Orgasm. Who doesn't love a good Orgasm (sorry Mom)? This blush is a cult favorite because it is almost universally flattering. It's also $$$, but, again, lasts forever (are you sensing a theme here?).

Nutragena Healthy Skin Enhancer. I'm not a huge fan of foundation, so this tinted enhancer is perfect for me. It provides enough coverage to even out my skin tone on bad days and it contains both SPF and retinol, so it's really like three products in one.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Possibly the best mascara that I have ever owned. Other than Benefit's Yes, They're Real; that's also a great mascara.

Buxom  Full Bodies Lipstick in Nudist. Oh my, gawd, y'all; this is my favorite lipstick of all time, which, of course means that it has been discontinued. This always happens to me! I was down to the bare nubs of both the tube I keep in my vanity and the one I keep in my purse and was starting to panic when I miraculously found two more tubes on Amazon. You can bet I will be hoarding those bad boys for special occasions.

Three of my last favorites are:

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, which I use to stretch out the time I need between hair washings. It smells amazing and doesn't gunk up, flake, or dry out my hair like some other dry shampoos I have tried.

Kenra Blow Dry Spray, the best product for helping to create a salon blow-out at home.

Enjoy Protect and Shine. This spray smells like heaven. It protects against uv rays and makes my hair shine like glass. It's also expensive as hell, so, it's a good thing that (say it with me!) it lasts a long time.

And, that wraps it up for this week's favorites. If makeup and hair products aren't your jam, this was probably a pretty boring post for you to read, but, hey! I didn't try to sell you anything!

And, it wasn't about birds, walking, or the pain in my ass! So, there's that at least.

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