Thursday, November 30, 2017

If I Had Better Photoshop Skills I Would Put Maui's Face on a Milk Carton

Maui is still missing. The search has been exhausted and we now have to face the fact that he is never coming back. Despite aggressive interrogation of the two prime suspects in his disappearance, no new information has been obtained. In short, the mystery may never be solved.

Rest in peace, Maui Fish.

In other news, I had another migraine yesterday; that's exactly one month and one day since the last one sidelined me in the Hellmouth parking lot. Hormones, much?

In other, other news, I am becoming increasingly concerned about that fat fucker over in North Korea. The Man-Cub is having to do bomb drills and other such emergency-preparedness crap and I am becoming ragey. Deep breaths, Chelle; he'll be back home in twelve days...

In less ragey-but sadder-news, Mama Jill lost her sweet daddy last night. His death was not unexpected but, no matter how much time you have to process that or to prepare yourself, you can never be ready to lose the person who has been a touchstone throughout your life. My heart is so sad for my friend.

On a happier note, my nephew and his wife have asked me to take pictures of their daughter in December, which means that I will finally get to meet her in person. I am scouring Pintrest for holiday-themed photo shoot ideas even as we speak.

On the happiest note of all; her photos will require neither Photoshop nor a milk carton.

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