Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving: The Pre-Heat

I'm working half a day at Day Job before coming home to start the pre-Thanksgiving feast preparations. I would have preferred not to have to work at all today, but, duty calls.

Chores for this evening will include stuffing prep, cranberry sauce making, and pie baking. With any luck, the turkey will be completely thawed by the time I get home from work and I will be able to extract the neck and giblets from it's cavity (damn thing has been thawing in the fridge for a week, how much longer could this possibly take?) so that I can get them on the stove to simmer; if not, the stuffing and gravy are going to be a lot less flavorful.

In addition to the meal prep, I plan to hit the gym for my daily constitutional on the treadmill; yesterday, Co-Workers and I were able to take our usual walk, but, today, I will be solo at the workplace, so, I'll need to catch up on my steps.

I should also clean the house a bit, with company coming and all. And, I want to set the table tonight so that I don't have to do it tomorrow.

In short, lots to do today. It seems ridiculous to some people, I suppose, but, if you look at Thanksgiving as a marathon (which, I do), you have to look at today as the training period. Can't run a marathon without conditioning!

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